Cloud Detection and Response

Organizations have moved, or are moving their critical business systems such as email, collaboration, sales and marketing to third-party SaaS applications. With more and more of the business data sitting in these cloud applications, security and IR teams need to figure out how to run detection and incident response workflows on systems they don’t own and control. In this webinar, Luke Tenery and Ben Johnson discuss how you can get better at detecting, investigating, and responding to unwanted behavior such as unauthorized access across multiple SaaS platforms.


  • How does detection and response change when businesses embrace SaaS?
  • What are some new threat vectors and breach tactics that attackers are using?
  • What are some tools and techniques available to security and IR teams to protect SaaS apps?


Luke Tenery

Senior Managing Director, Ankura

Luke Tenery Cropped


Ben Johnson

Co-founder and CTO, Obsidian

Ben Johnson - CTO - Obsidian Security