Industries Have Been disrupted.

How are security teams adapting?

The world's largest remote work experiment is underway and security teams are busy enabling users while simultaneously protecting the enterprise. Simultaneously, the current global health crisis has created a climate of ever-changing business needs and budgetary pressures. 

In this industry spotlight, security experts share their view of what cybersecurity teams in fintech and financial services are doing to align with the changing business climate. 

Discussion Topics

  • Lessons learned from the first few weeks of response
  • Shifting cybersecurity priorities during the health crisis 
  • Managing your teams and your security needs

Meet Our Expert Panelists


Philip Martin 

Chief Information Security Officer at Coinbase


Pavi Ramamurthy

Chief Information Security Officer at Upstart

Derek Sha

Derek Schatz

Former Director of Information Security at MeridianLink


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